Grout cleaning is the toughest part of cleaning any tile floor, whether you have Mexican tile, slate, ceramic, travertine, granite, porcelain, or terrazzo getting that grout clean, is because the dirt in there is usually untouched by mops and household scrubber vacuums.


  • ZMaintaining appearance of tile floors and grout. It is very important to have tile and grout routinely clean by professional technicians to maintain the appearance of the tile floor. Maintenance can be in the form of basic tile and grout cleaning or deep cleaning of the flooring.
  • ZProtecting of investments. Professional tile and grout cleaning maximized investments and prolong the life of tile floor.

our recent work

Some examples of our tile and grout cleaning service. Powerful equipment and proper treatments get the work done right. All pictures are taken by our techs from real customers.


1Pre-cleaning inspection.

During this step, we evaluate the condition of your floor and note cosmetic deficiencies. The most common are cracked tiles, missing grout, dark spots, bubbled grout, discolorations, etc that most often do not show up until the cleaning is completed.

2Applying cleaning solution.

To begin the tile cleaning process, our experts will pre-treat the tiles with a proper cleaning agent for that particular tile. This treatment emulsifies the oils and greases on the tiled floor to prepare it for cleaning and extraction.

3Additional work.

Scrub heavy soiled parts using a nylon tile brush to break up stubborn substances and force them to release from tile and grout.

4Cleaning process.

ProTouch then uses a turbo hard surface tool that is attached to our truck mounted extractor and extracts the dirt, grease, and other dirt particles back to our truck. During the cleaning, tile and grout are completely rinsed to remove any unwanted solution.

5Final inspection.

At this step we will inspect the work we’ve done. If we consider that we can improve the result we will reclean those areas.